Moon and Spirit Falls

April 3, 1988

Six all weather hikers left clear blue (eye of the storm) skies of Eugene on Easter morning fortified with raingear and determination. After driving to a point east of Cottage Grove, they employed the oldest form of transportation up a grueling gravel road to the trailhead of Moon Falls. A short hike further down the trail yielded the reward of a rain swollen waterfall. No one was disappointed. The rain diminished for lunch which was ravenously consumed under the dripping branches. The hike back down the hill was greeted with a short snow shower and even periods of fog and sunshine. The intrepid troop trod on to the equally resplendent Spirit Falls. Back to the cars and the drive home — an I-5 detour was selected along Sears Road. The troop marveled at a newly constructed castle near Creswell. In all, a hike that started out with some foreboding ended when the sun returned on the road home. Shirley Driver, Robbi Packard, Bobbye Sorrels, Carol Stern, Martha Welches and Don Sullivan (leader) were better for the experience.

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