South Coast Overnight

April 2-3, 1988

Following the “Footsteps of Spring” over the ups and downs of the coast path — one day with rain, one day with sun — not a bad average for an early April weekend! Five cars left Eugene in the rain on Saturday morning, reaching Samuel Boardman State Park at noon. We lunched inside same cars before donning raingear and starting our hike from the shuttle point at House Rock Lookout. The trail was in good, though soggy condition decorated with numerous snails as we wound our way through the dense woodland canopy and down the sloping meadows that open onto the beach via rock streambed above Whalehead Cove. True to its name, it provided several real whale spouts that were spotted by our hikers as we covered the last sandy half-mile. We were pretty well drenched by the time we reached the cars, and those who opted for motels in Brookings were grateful for quick warm showers. Seven sturdy souls held out for camping in tent or vehicle at Harris Beach State Park. We joined for dinner at the Blue Gull in Brookings, where we also breakfasted before starting out on Sunday morning. Skies were grey as we hiked from Miners Creek (here we saw a water ouzel nesting under the waterfall) but when the ground fog lifted, behold! the sun shone bright by the time we reached Thunder Rock. Indian paint brush was in bloom, short blue flags, huckleberry and the ubiquitous footprints of spring, those enchanting, low-lying yellow little bouquets which dapple the April meadows. The ever-varying terrain, and the surf crashing against the rocks below as they stand sentinel in profusion along this coast, combine to make it hard to leave, but re tore ourselves away just in time — rain started again at 4 p.m., as we left for Eugene. Those enjoying two days on the South Coast were Peter Boag, Dee Bray, Chris and Marna Broekhoff, Jerry Crosby, Barb Elsen, Gladys Grancorvitz, Lee Hatch, Corinne Hunt, Carolyn Jenkins, Whitey Lueck, Carrie McClish, Sharon Ritchie, Suzanne Steussy, Paula Vehrs and Dallas Cole (leader).

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