Tire Mountain

April 2, 1988

I’ve got a theory: scheduled Obsidian trips are a major meteorological influence on west-central Oregon. I know this is true because it can be clear as a bell with the mercury soaring into the 70’s all week long, and then, on the Saturday of my scheduled Obsidian hike, whammo! Noah’s Ark revisited. This clearly denotes a new mandate for we Obsidians. Let’s schedule trips for every day throughout May and watch the weather roll in. Together we can prevent another drought.

Yes, it was raining Saturday morning as we left Eugene for the Tire Mountain Trailhead. But we were hungry for a good hike and, besides, it was a rather warm rain. About a mile in from the lower trailhead at around 2700-foot elevation, we surveyed the proposed Unit #1 timber sale that would, if not stopped, sear this almost completely intact area with a gaping clear-cut. Come on Obsidians, write the Lowell Ranger District and tell then “No on #1!” Onward and upward we hiked until we arrived on the sodden summit of Tire Mountain, where excellent views of low clouds and big rain drops were ours for the taking (not exactly what we had in mind). Back down this ½ mile spur trail to the “main” Tire Mountain Trail, we headed east another two miles to the junction with the Alpine Trail, passing en route through beautiful meadows laced with fascinating rock formations. Then a hasty hike back to the car — the last hour in a real downpour. It was still a great hike (13 miles) for non-Obsidians Ken Anderson and Ed Castell, and leader Michael Cooper.

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