Silver Creek Falls

April 2, 1988

The weatherman had warned that a storm was on the way but it wasn’t due until evening. Unfortunately, it arrived in the morning and we departed Eugene at 9:00 a.m. in a mist. By the time we had lunch at Twin Falls, a light rain had commenced to fall. The volume continued to increase, and by the time we reached the lodge at South Falls, it was pouring. Well, we had made the trip early in the Spring to he sure the water volume of the several falls would be spectacular, and it was. Anyway, the nice fireplace fire at the lodge was most welcome. We were also pleased to find there were many other “fools” on the trail that day. Organized groups from Salem and Albany were met, as were family groups and couples. With only slightly dampened spirits, the following were back in Eugene by 4:30: Miki Hutchison, Bob Devine, Helen Lynch, Elizabeth McMullin, Mary Millman and leader Vernon Barkhurst.

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