Mt. Pisgah

March 20, 1988

The maze of interconnecting foot and jeep trails on the north side of Mt. Pisgah provided our group with a refreshing change-of-pace routing from the big, wide stile near the entrance to the park to the summit and back. The trails ran through areas of dense growth covered with hanging moss and white paper-like fungi, and through large open meadows busting out all over with spring wildflowers. Paula was sharp at identifying the flora, and as for the fauna — our talented scatologist, Vera, found several recent signs of bobcat. But of other hikers, we saw none. After five long, hard miles we finally reached the summit where the local “Sunday Zoo” was drifting in and out: seven horses, 14 dogs and more people than we could easily count. Lunch was taken behind a rock outcropping far enough off the crest to avoid a chilling breeze. The descent, via another “back of the mount” trail, was shorter (2 mi.). but once again it provided complete isolation from the hustle and bustle of the main trail. The leader felt that his “Pisgah the Hard Way” hike was qualifying. Reassurances for this opinion came from Lee — that grizzled veteran of a thousand and one hikes — who wholeheartedly agreed. Under threatening skies, the following people participated in what a bicyclist might call a “granny gear hike”: Jerry Crosby, Lewis Forsythe, Courtney Wells, Lee Hatch, Paula Vehrs, Vera Woolley and leader Bob Devine.

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