Tahkenitch Dunes Area

February 13, 1988

In driving to the coast via Hwy. 38 through Reedsport and Gardiner, we encountered blue skies, fog, and a rain shower, but shortly after beginning the hike the weather became stable and beautiful. We notice a new trail entrance with new fencing and improved tread. Once you leave the forest, new trail posts have been place in the sand to guide you toward the beach. We noticed quite a change in the coast appearance too; weather has altered the scene. We walked along the beach observing the large breakers and enjoying the day. We case upon some clear jelly globules and looked at them with a magnifying glass. We could see some translucent filament like things so we thought perhaps we had found some baby jellyfish, though we are not sure. We sat on the tideline grass for lunch and then crossed the dunes to Threemile Lake overlook. A post on the beach with a red ribbon around it marked the place (plus Fred helped us identify the place) where you strike out. The walk back through the forest was a contrast to the beach walk and made for a wonderful day. We topped it off by stopping at the Country Cookbook near Elkton where some had soup and some had a delicious dessert. Those enjoying the day were Clair Cooley, Jeanie Holmes, Carol Houde, Miki Hutchison, Mardi Klotz, Robin Prentice, Lois Schreiner, Fred Shepman, and leader Shirley Froyd.

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