Crawfish Trail-Adams Mtn.

January 30, 1988

With the hopes of no rain, some sun and a few good views, four hikers began to ascend Adams Mtn. Trail. It is 9:30, elevation 1,780 feet. Our goal is the Alpine Ridge, descending by Crawfish. True to its word, there is snow on the trail. Up ahead we are not sure of how much we will encounter, but know there is some. Off in the distance on the right is Marten Creek, tumbling down its rock laden bottom, and soon Champion Creek begins to sing to us. Off in the distance is also the sound of the ever present logging. Adams Mtn. Trail is a steep one and is a challenge to any hiker. By 12:00 we are not at the top. At 1:00 we are traveling in 2½ ft. of snow. At 4,160 ft., with Lee still in the lead and about 1,000 ft. to the top, the decision is made to turn back. Crawfish Trail hikers were Wilber Clark, Bob Foster, Lee Hatch and Becky Hansen (leader).

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