China Creek Trail

January 24, 1988

Who says the Oregon Coast isn’t warm and wonderful in January? 26 Obsidians and guests will tell you that on Sunday, January 24, the coast was sunny and warm. The Washburne Park area north of Heceta has trails throughout covering China Creek, the Valley Trail, the Hobbit (old Indian trail) trail to the beach and at low tide a beach walk from Heceta to China Creek in Ponsler Park. The group was able to take in all of the trails making nearly a loop. There are hazards such as high tide, successful beaver intrusion on the Valley Trail bridge and high water over the China Creek bridge which could thwart a loop trip but not on this Obsidian hike trip. Ray Schiller, an employee of the State Parks Department, was very helpful in providing background information and some of the lore of the area. The Camp host situated just inside the entry has printed material regarding the campground and some of the trails. The China Creek trail begins off the road into the campground and is marked. Persons participating included: Susan Baker, David Becker, Dee Bray, Hal Busby, Barbara Chinn, Karen and Paul Cohen, Michael Cooper, Genie Currier, Marcia Danab, Shirley Froyd, Melody Graves, Carol Houde, Corinne Hunt, May Jackson, Norma Jones, Whitey Lueck, Betty Mault, Mary Millman, Lin Pierce, Sharon Ritchie, Karen Seidel, Diana Tvorik, Linda Wells and leaders Maxine Hall and Mary Ellen West.

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