Eugene to PCNST Trail

July 9, 1988

On Saturday, July 9th, a trail construction crew consisting of Velma and Mike Shirk, Mike Stahl, Don Sullivan, Tim Cook. Jeff Cash, Bob and Sharon Andreason, Carole Elfring, Lois Eagleton, Everett Graville, Robbi Packard, Lynn Jenkins and Larry Cash (leader) — five from Oregon Equestrian Trails and four non-members — enjoyed a warm day of hard work and good fellowship while chopping another segment of the future Eugene to Crest Trail through the brush near the old Buckhead Shelter. This is about a mile north of Buckhead Mountain, or about 5 miles north of Westfir. This PCT Access Trail (#3559) is a joint effort of the Obsidians, the Eugene Sierra group, OET, and other interested individuals. It will be approximately 74 miles in length when completed between Alton Baker Park and the intersection of the Bobby Lake Trail with the Pacific Crest Trail. Work parties are normally led by Jerold Williams, and meet the second Saturday of each month at the S.E.H.S. parking lot. All trail hikers are welcome to participate!

A second work party, consisting of the Trails chairman and son, Jeff, backpacked to lower Rosary Lake for an overnight rest. With crosscut saw and pulaski in hand, we removed blowdowns (logs), trippers (exposed roots, etc.), and toe stubbers (erosion-exposed rocks) while going in and coming out. We picked up four fresh cigarette butts and five empty beer cans. This was on the PCNST, part of the eight-mile segment “adopted” by the Obsidians. Incidentally, the U.S. Forest Service, both Regions 5 and 6, have enacted a ruling prohibiting the use, or possession, of mountain bicycles on the Pacific Crest Trail.

— Larry Cash

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