Christmas Spirit Drops By Obsidian Lodge

December 16, 1988

The annual Christmas Potluck December 16 was a festive, warm evening for the 43 people who attended. Bob Dark started the fire early to help warm up the Lodge. Bob Devine, Dorothy Turner, John Kocher, and Gladys Grancorvitz decorated the tree. Vera Woolley was again responsible for beautiful table decorations. There was plenty of food!

Linda Erz, a professional storyteller and a member of our club, shared holiday stories centered around the theme of giving. She used slides, transparencies, music and the magic of her stories to quiet away the bustle of the season. We thank her for giving so such to us.

With the club Santa Claus suit so worn out that it cannot be repaired, the Entertainment Committee could not figure out how to pass out the gifts. Luckily, the Spirit of Christmas appeared dressed in a red skirt and jacket with a mistletoe bobbing hat. She had blonde hair and a mask so it was not easy to determine her identity. Even her husband didn’t recognize her. John Kocher and Shirley Froyd were immediately filled with the Christmas Spirit and volunteered to pass out the gifts.

There seems to be a group of Obsidians who would like a unisex gift exchange next year. If you have any suggestions for the gift exchange, let Vera know.

Thanks to all the people who helped make this such an enjoyable evening.

Jan Baker Jacobsen

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