How would you visit Glacier Bay?

January 22, 1988

By ’plane, cruise ship or kayak?

The sixty people who watched three slide shows at the January potluck were not asked to vote on their preference. The writer of this article will give her version of the three options. If looking for adventure, freeze dried food and hard rocks on which to pitch your tent, Dick Hildreth’s 11-day kayak trip would be the ticket. Watching and listening to the sounds of glaciers calving was the highlight of this trip. Be sure and take a wet suit.

A chartered flight from Skagway over part of the Glacier Bay area showed how glaciers are truly rivers of ice. From John Jacobsen’s slides, one could see the small cruise ships in the bay. This trip is breathtaking but very short.

Slides of the glaciers from a cruise ship were given geological significance when Ewart Baldwin convinced some of us that we should sign up for the cruise Margaret and he are sponsoring in June.

It was amazing how the three slide shows complimented each other for a fast-moving evening at the Lodge. Perhaps we can persuade Dick to take along a video camera with microphone on his next kayak trip. I’d like to hear the calving!

Janet Baker Jacobsen

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