South Sister

September 24-25, 1988

Although this climb was requested to be scheduled for September 10,11, the climbing committee scheduled it for September 24,25 without verifying the date with the leader. The weather, on Saturday, was like summer for the trip to Devils Lake and for the backpack to high camp. We had to go higher than ever to find snow for water but we set up a very cozy camp above the plateau, somewhat out of the wind. The wind blew all night.

We waited until after 8 a.m. Sunday to start climbing but the wind did not let up. As we neared the base of Red Ridge a solo climber, from Bend, passed us but he turned back at the ridge as a cloud descended below that level. We also turned back as the air temperature, at 34 degrees, with east wind speed of over 30 MPH, created a chill factor around 5 degrees in the fog of the cloud cover. A party of 8 on a Portland Parks and Rec climb also turned back at the ridge. Not a pleasant day to go for the summit! We descended to camp and had a leisurely backpack to the cars with no let-up in the wind. Interesting note: The climbers’ trail from Devils Lake to the plateau, originally laid out by some Obsidian climbers, is now being re-built, under private contract by the Forest Service, with a more gradual grade. The good old days are gone forever! Would-be peakers Tom Donnelly, Henrietta Richmond, and Wes Prouty (leader).

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