Middle Sister (South-East Ridge)

September 3-5, 1988

It was a very hot day as we left the Pole Creek Trailhead Saturday morning. We persevered as it continued to get hotter, arriving at Camp Lake in the Chambers Lake area in early afternoon. A side trip to Carver Lake was quickly dismissed in favor of swimming and lying on the beach where we were camped. It was a perfect day for the beach, making it hard to think about the Middle Sister climb the next day.We managed to get started under the brilliant red skies of sunrise caused by the heavy smoke haze from forest fires. The early start and cooler breezes on the exposed ridge allowed us to make good time, arriving at the summit at about 10:15 a.m. The view from the top was severely limited by the dense haze, but the weather was pleasant as we ate a leisurely lunch. The trip down was expedited by glissades down several remaining snow fields. Janet and John had to break camp and leave Sunday afternoon, but the rest of the group were able to spend another night at Camp Lake and hike out Monday (Labor Day). Climb participants were Marge Bartle, Kim Gagnon, Janet Baker Jacobsen, Ed Lovegren, John Pegg and leader John Jacobsen.

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