South Sister

July 23-24, 1988

With only three people in the party and a planned overnight on the summit, we were able to break from the early start tradition. It was nice to sleep in, leave town at 9:00 and still feel we were early. After donuts and coffee at Oakridge we felt strong enough to make it non-stop to Devil’s Lake. By noon we were ready so moved out at a comfortable pace. Any concerns about excessive heat because of climbing during the hottest part of the day were quickly dispelled. A perfect day — comfortably warm with a cooling breeze. The view from the top was exceptional with all peaks visible including Shasta and Rainier. With the admonition to go light, Steve really did. For sleeping — no sleeping bag or foam pad, just clothing and a bivi sack. In spite of this arrangement he seemed to sleep well. Very disgusting having a reincarnated mountain man to emulate. To make matters worse he enjoyed the climb and wants to join the Obsidians. Tim’s “going light” included camera equipment that must have weighed 52 pounds. The descent was uneventful with more perfect weather enjoyed by Tim Cook, Steve Kriegh and leader Bud Proctor.

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