Glacier Travel/Crevasse Rescue

July 23-24, 1988

“As I looked up at the sky from the depths of my vet and icy perch deep inside the crevasse, I just knew my fellow Obsidians could pull me out … after all, we now knew munter hitches, garda knots, kleimheists using cordellettes, and much, much more. Oh! What’s this? I’m moving up…up…up…!”

If you weren’t there, then you missed out on a lot of new and exciting skills to add to the safety and enjoyment of Alpine mountaineering. Eight Obsidians participated in the Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue School. Guides with Northwest Alpine Adventures conducted the 2-day seminar on Eliot Glacier at Mt. Hood.

Mountain guide crevasse rescue techniques were included in the class. This system gives climbers the ability to rescue with a minimum amount of equipment by using a cordellette, munterbiner and D carabiners. Safety through knowledge (and practice) is important for all of us whether on snow or rock. I hope a school of this type can be repeated each year along with the Snow Travel/Rock Climbing School. Mt. Rainier is not the only climb or hike in the Northwest where a “rescue situation” might arise. Also, don’t forget that our climb chairman has been holding many open climbing wall sessions in which we can all share old and new techniques … and it’s fun!

Crevasse perchers were Rick Ahrens, Rich Anselmo, Bill Bankston, Tom Donnelly, Jane Hackett, John Jacobsen, Chris Shuraleff and myself, Jan Anselmo.

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