Mt. Jefferson

July 15-17, 1988

On July 15, 1988, 10 climbers showed up ready to climb Mt. Jefferson. This eager bunch hiked up to the timberline at the 6000-foot level to set up camp. Early Saturday morning (2:00 a.m.) we climbed out of the tents and prepared for the summit climb. We made good time and arrived at the Red Saddle by 10:00, the traverse was hard snow with some ice glazing. We used three ropes in setting up a fixed line with a combination of flukes and pickets for snow anchors. We crossed in good time with each climber requiring about 20 minutes for the traverse. We kept one rope, Jerry Crosby’s brand new 165-ft., 11 mm perlon for the pinnacle. We had a treat like no other when Linda Erz played some tunes on her flute on the summit. The weather was perfect with excellent views of all the surrounding peaks. During the time we were on top the snow had softened considerably in the traverse and our pace was much quicker. After some demonstrations by Marilyn on how to self-arrest on steep snow when it’s real important to do so, we descended without incident to our tents. The hike out on Sunday was, well, I think you know what it’s like hiking 8 miles with full packs after a Jeff climb. The hot dog climbers were: Jan and Rich Anselmo, Rick Ahrens, Linda Erz, Jerry Crosby, John Pegg, Royal Murdock, Marilyn Nersesian, and Tom Donnelly, leader.

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