Broken Top/South Sister

July 2-4, 1988

We had packed in to Green Lakes on Saturday, intending to club Broken Top after setting up camp. Soon the fog rolled in and we all retreated to our tents for the rest of the day with near white-out conditions. Sunday morning, with much better weather, we set out for the summit at 7:00 a.m. After summit certificates, book signing, congratulations and picture taking, we were soon back and preparing for moving our camp to Moraine Lake — from there we could climb South Sister on Monday. Moraine Lake was still frozen over and snow covered all open spaces from the lake to Red Ridge. We reached the summit of South Sister in about four hours and were greeted by Arctic cold winds, so soon started for camp and the car we had spotted at Devil’s Lake. Fourth of July weekend climbers were Linda Erz, Mike Morrow, Royal Murdock, Inge Tarantola (who climbed her first and second mountains on this weekend), and Lee Hatch (leader).

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