Mt. Hood

May 8, 1988

Sunday morning skies were clear with no wind and all climbers were ready by 2:30 a.m. for an easy climb to the summit. We started on soft snow with some post holing for about 15 minutes, until we got onto the groomed ski slope. The footing improved dramatically from that point on with only occasional minor problems of deep snow. We were delayed at the hogsback for a few moments but compared to the groups that came in behind us re were quite fortunate. Crampons were not completely necessary from the hogsback to the summit but they did give that added degree of security. The crevasse that so effortlessly consumed my overmitten last July was not even visible. The bergschrund was only slightly visible, posing no risk whatsoever. It’s amazing how such conditions can vary. We had about 15 minutes of reasonably clear weather at the top before it started snowing. The snow continued to fall off and on for the remainder of the day. Climbers were Viriam Khalsa, Patrick Sullivan, John Pegg and Tom Donnelly, leader.

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