Sacramento Train Trip

October 17-19, 1988

Left Eugene on the evening train, with arrival in Sacramento next morning due 6:30 a.m., was 1.5 hours late. Went 3 blocks to hotel; checked in immediately. Tour guide arrived at 8:30, took us on 4 hour tour to many places. In the afternoon we went to the Railroad Museum on our own, spending 2-3 hours. Out with individual friends that evening. Next morning rested in. Checked out at noon. Out with individual friends that afternoon with dinner. Caught the 11:00 p.m. train back for Eugene, arriving half hour late for track trouble, at 12:15. Rode chair car down and back. Quite nice. Meals good and reasonable. Car cool at night; you need extra clothes or blanket. Participants were Tom Carmichael, Bea LeFevre, Mildred Weatherby, and Ingrid Carmichael, (leader).

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