Fall Color Trip

October 8, 1988

Fourteen members and 6 non-members left on a Trailways Bus (out of Portland) at 8:10 from the S.E.H.S. parking lot for a trip up the McKenzie Highway. Just short of Leaburg Dam, we picked up Dave Burwell, and his son Bill. Dave took us up Martin Creek to Martin Ridge to see the forest fire down below. We looked down on it from the top of the ridge. Was a real visible lesson, with smoke still rising, and bare ground and trees. Went further on to see what color Dave had been able to find — a long way off. Dave explained that the lack of moisture and frost combined to make for no color, even though it was on a south slope. Saw some metal spar poles for hauling logs into the landings. Then down to Herm Fitz’s “Funny Farm,” an abandoned farm that he has been resurrecting, complete with private old forest and nature trails. Lunch in the sun on his porch: went in to see his ancient rectangular piano. We went further into the woods, arriving at the Village Cafe for pie and ice cream at 3:15; (had phoned the day before to suggest they be prepared). Home by 5:10 p.m. Good bus, and driver.

Participating were Mary Jane and E.W. Arpin, Ingrid Carmichael, Marjorie Eaton, Bette Hack, Jane Hilt, Lillian Johnson, Vernon and Harriet Kerley, Dorothy Medill, Jennelle Moorhead, Sterling and Dean Patterson, Maryelton Schutz, Grace Smith, Erdie Stuart, Ruth and Hank Williams, Lorene Williams, Bill Eaton (leader). Super Cargo: Dave Burwell, Bill Burwell.

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