Maklaks Loop

April 5, 1987

Eight diehards left Eugene at 8:40 a.m. and upon arriving at the Davis Lake Road snow park were delighted to find good snow — not icy conditions. One low spot we crossed on wet grass and continued on to the play area at the junction of the “A” Loop. Next, another 1½ miles to our lunch stop. From here, Jerry scouted out the steep trail and we carried our skis halfway up and then skied a short distance to the Davis Lake Access Road. The trail had been changed to a more gradual approach. At the top we didn’t mind the few fir needles and twigs on the road because the rest of the 2½ miles down the snow were great for spring skiing. We stopped and played around for about 40 minutes on a nearby hill, and Kent showed us his telemarking skills. Partly sunny skies, threatening rain clouds and a few sprinkles didn’t dampen our spirits as we skied back down the Davis Lake Road, completing our 6.6-mile loop. Pouring rain greeted us as we approached Eugene. Happy spring skiers were Jerry Crosby, Bev Dwier, Rachele Fiszman, Gladys Grancorvitz, Earl Kenvin, Mardi Klotz, Kent Robinson, and leader Dot Leland.

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