Hoodoo to Cache Mnt.

March 21, 1987

On this first day of Spring, the sky was partly cloudy as our group of ten skied south in the sunshine from Ray Benson Parking Area to Big Lake; we then skied eastward three miles on the Santiam Wagon Road to the base of Cache Mountain on our left. Here we left the Wagon Road and broke trail as we climbed up the narrow road towards the 5600-ft. summit. The trees along the way were heavily laden with snow. I had never been to the top of Cache Mnt. before on a clear day, so was totally unprepared for the especially fine view in all directions. Mnt. Washington is only a few miles to the south and its rocky pinnacle was entirely plastered with fresh snow. After lunch we made a fast run down the mountain. The upper part of the road is steep and narrow and covered with numerous snow drifts. Coming down this section was like a fast rollercoaster ride with most of us falling several times. We returned to the parking lot about 5½ hours after leaving. Our ten skiers were Tim Cook, Robert Cooley, Jerry Crosby, David German, Norma Lockyear, Anne Montgomery, Carla Orcutt, Wes Prouty, Carol Stern and leader Dave Predeek.

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