Dorothy Lake

March 1, 1987

On the Jan. 4 trip into Midnight Lake, part of our ski party slid right on past our presumed destination, and mistakenly ended up at another lake that I later learned is called Dorothy Lake. When I had to cancel the relatively strenuous Waldo Mnt. trip originally scheduled due to a knee injury, I decided to go visit Dorothy Lake on purpose!!

Nine skiers left Gold Lake Sno-Park on a quite icy track, but the sun soon softened the snow considerably, making the skiing quite pleasant! About a mile past Midnight, where the Crest Trail heads up a steep slope, “mistakes were made.” The fresh tracks we’d been happily following veered off into the woods, and we didn’t notice our error until we’d gone another half-mile. Instead of backtracking, we continued to follow the same track, and soon arrived at a small lake. Although dimmed somewhat by a slight haze, the sun was then high in the sky and felt great, plus our tummies were getting a tad cranky, so we just sat down in the snow, faces to the sun, and enjoyed our lunches. Fearing a futile attempt at finding Dorothy Lake by bushwhacking to the southwest, we instead contented ourselves with naming our new spot “Lunch Lake,” then zipped back out of the Wilderness to the trailhead.

Skiers whose faces were warmed by the sun that day included Peter Bosg, Jerry Crosby, Audrey Cummings, Ron Kovalik, Dot Leland, Anne Montgomery, Carol Stern, Annabelle Street, and leader Dennis Lueck.

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