Odell Butte

February 15, 1987

The major part of the party arrived at the trailhead in heavy snow and started up the road with about six new inches already on the ground to test our trail-breakers. The weather varied a little as we trudged up: the snow flurries lightened, there were patches of sun, gusts of wind, and heavier snow flurries. We hoped for sun at the Lookout on top, but had snow and wind instead. There was no dallying over lunch; we all wanted the ease of going downhill and the warmth that comes from skiing. Within three-quarters of a mile of the Lookout, we met the minor part of the party still trudging. We exchanged hellos and went our ways. All in all, it was a fine trip. Thanks to John Jacobsen for a masterful job of trail breaking. The Major party: Jerry Crosby, Bob Devine, Janet Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, and co-leaders Mary Fulton and Sandra Larsen. The Minor part: Tim Cook and Mick Hill.

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