Hayrick Butte (Snowshoe)

February 15, 1987

A moderately easy but slushy ride to the Santiam Pass deposited trip members at Hoodoo amid grey skies and scattered snow showers. Picking up the Bend contingent, hot coffee and much chat at the Lodge ensued, and then we were on our way and down into the old “Airport Burn,” now obviously recovering from that tragic fire of 20 years ago, which will be a forest again (if we can just keep the F.S. looking the other way!). A lunch stop at Big Lake (with a noticeable absence of “Camp Robbers”), and the return half of the trip took us back (pretty accurately) round and through the “avalanche area” to the car park and more coffee and even more “chat.” Hayrick snowshoers were Tom Cawi, Pete Cecil, Michael Wright, and John Cecil, leader. Dot Leland (“The lure of the slide, V. the chore of the stride ...!”) accompanied us on cross-country skis. And “Pandy” Cecil/Wright freeloaded the whole trip!

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