Odell Lodge Ski Trails

February 1, 1987

Our group of eight left Eugene in a heavy rain storm. Arrived at Lodge in a heavy snow storm. We had to chain-up at about the 4,000-ft. level. We enjoyed a late breakfast at the Lodge, then went for a challenging and exhilarating ski trek in the falling snow. The damp snow was sticking on the trees making everything white and beautiful. Some of the trail names at Odell are Meadow Line, Creek Run, Meadows Drive, Teeny-Tiny Telemark, Tall Timber, Herringbone Hill, and Railroad Avenue. We were back at the parking lot about 2:00, tightened our chains, had a hot drink, and headed home slowly behind the plow and sander. Enjoying the falling snow were Tom Cawi, Bob Foster, Anne Montgomery, Kathy Peterson, Dawn Peterson, Randy Reilly, Beth Smith, and Parker Riddle (leader).

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