Quartzville Creek

January 25, 1987

Twenty skiers in five vehicles took the scenic route through the Mohawk Valley to Crawfordsville, Sweet Home, Foster and Green Peter Dams, to the Quartzville area. Snow on the upper road prevented us from driving within skiing distance of the 4,000-ft. pass, so we skied up Road 1155 toward a 4,400-ft. Lookout. Although the snow was very wet it packed well into good ski trails. It rained during most of the trip so we did not reach the Lookout. Wet skiers were Dallas Cole, Tom Donnelly, Bea Fontana (co-leader), Judy Forell, Susan Giordano, Gladys Grancorvitz, Jane Hackett, Betsy Halpern, Diane Jeffcott, Dot Leland, Betty Macy, Dave Predeek, Wes Prouty (co-leader), David Roderick, Velma Shirk, Chris Shuraleff, Annabelle Street, Gene Thaxton, Gerry Tomseth, and Nola Woodbury.

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