Lava Lake Road

January 18, 1987

Dozing on the sofa, warmed by a wood fire, comfortably tired, remembering a pleasant day on the snow: a long march uphill, the line of skiers stretching ahead, clear-cut blanketed with forgiving white, gentle murmer of Crescent Creek, and after the long climb, a rewarding plunge downward, long exhilarating runs ending abruptly in deep snow, shouts and laughter, ski tips waving skywards …

The ski trip was satisfactorily uneventful: No broken equipment, lost skiers or transportation problems marred the day. Tom found my favorite old wool mitten (lost on the scouting trip two days before). The sky was overcast and clouds covered the mountain tops in the afternoon, but the day was mild and calm. I owe a big “thank you” to my husband Mike, who, with son-in-law Stan, helped scout and break trail the Friday before the trip. Mike also assumed the larger share of leadership for the trip, driving, and then skiing, at the head of our long line of twenty-one. I also must thank all trip participants. Their companionship and enthusiasm made the day a success.

Good night and good day fellow skiers: Elliot Aronin, Dallas Cole, Bill Cox, Bob Devine, Leona Devine, Gladys Grancorvitz, Jane Hackett, Mardi Klotz, Sandra Larsen, Herb Lee, Dot Leland, Hank Plant, Carol Stern, Gene Thaxton, Gerry Tomseth, Hans Tschersich, Jane Tucker, Tom Woxell, Mel Zavodsky, and Mike and Velma Shirk (leaders).

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