Three Creeks Lake

January 17, 1987

A shortage of cars and an over-supply of pick-up trucks threatened to curtail our trip to Three Creeks Lake. But with the promise of the renewing energy of the sun in exchange for the bleak fog of a winter day in Eugene, 15 skiers were willing to squeeze a little closer into the available vehicles — and to become better friends in the process. A quick stop in Bend to re-fuel bodies and cars, and off to the Three-Creeks trailhead, where we were pleased to find excellent powder snow. The long trek up the trail, which offers only a few short stretches for gliding in the course of its four miles, left us all hungry for lunch, enjoyed in the warm sun on top. With such fine snow conditions, everyone opted to go on to the lake. While some chose to return by trail, reaping the reward of the long down-hill glides, others chose the old road — a slower route, but one which affords some of the most spectacular views of the mountains to be found: Jefferson, Washington and other lesser peaks, glistening white against the blue skies of late afternoon. We feared we would need to send out the dog sleds to find trail skiers Tom, Chris and Sally, but they arrived at the parking lot just as the last rays of warming sun faded and before the rest of the group turned into permanent snow-statues. Dinner at Sisters’ popular Gallery Restaurant restored the burnt-out energies, and helped us to retained the high spirits we had enjoyed all day. Skiers were Peter Boag, Dennis Leuck, Sally Groscup, Chris Shuraleff, Tom Donnelly, Jane Hackett, Dave Predeek, Audrey Cummings, John Hudson, Vi Johnson, Judith Lindsay, Anne Montgomery, Royal Murdock, and leader Doris Allen.

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