Gold Lake

January 11, 1987

After waiting for a few minutes in the South Eugene parking lot for a few no-shows, we left under sunny skies and frosty streets. While driving alongside Lookout Point Reservoir we passed a couple of cars that had slid into the ditch (one of which had passed me earlier in a no-passing zone like I was standing still!). Also, while driving at 35 mph through Oakridge, I received several dirty looks from our fellow downhill skiers for driving too slow! But one of our Oregon “boys in blue” was able to pull over one of the main speeders.

We arrived at the Gold Lake Sno-Park all safe and sound. After introductions, I found that one of our skiers had never been on a pair of skis of any kind before. At this point I asked Gene if he would be assistant leader. I and one nameless skier took up the rear of the line. After a few tips and a short lesson we were on our way. The weather was gorgeous and the trail in fair condition. “Nameless” and I arrived at Gold Lake about 20 minutes behind the rest of the group, who by the way, did very good for her first time on skis! The majority of the group skied across the lake to the west side for lunch, and after taking in a few sun rays we reassembled for an uneventful trip out. Gold Lake skiers were Essie Duckworth, Bea Fontana, Susan Giordand, Terry Ianora, Mardi Knotz, Gene Thaxton, Gerry Tomseth, Kathy Turner and Joe Turner (leader).

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