Rosary Lake Loop

January 11, 1987

The Gold Lake/Rosary Lake loop, although not particularly long at about 10½ miles, is always a strenuous trip, due mostly to the steep terrain from the Gold Lake road to the saddle above Rosary Lakes (about 4 miles). This year the situation was aggravated by an icy trail which we encountered as soon as we left the Gold Lake Park at 10:00 a.m. Luckily we were compensated by having a beautiful clear day to enjoy.

The mile-plus run down Gold Lake Road was over much to quickly and we turned onto the Maiden Peak trail and headed up. By 11:30 we reached the PCT where we grouped up and headed south toward Rosary Lakes. We stopped for a quick lunch in a small clearing south of Douglas Horse Pasture before starting up the last (and hardest) section to reach the saddle above Rosary Lakes.

We had a very strong group so everyone was at the saddle by 1:30 enjoying the view of Rosary Lakes, Rosary Rock and points beyond. By this time the sun had started to work its magic and the trail was beginning to soften up. The trip down to Rosary lakes and on to Willamette Pass proved to be a real “barn burner” for those who elected to cast caution to the wind. For those who had a bit more sense, the trip down was a bit more controlled. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful scenery in the lakes area.

Jan Smulovitz and John Jacobsen headed out ahead of the rest of the group from Rosary Lakes and did the four mile run to Gold Lake Park to get the two cars and bring them back to Willamette Pass where they met the remainder of the group for refreshments at about 3:45 p.m.

All in all it was a clear, exhilarating day that provided pleasant companionship, beautiful scenery, and a real workout for Doris Allen, Bob Devine, Jane Hackett, Jerry Malinar, Royal Murdock, Dave Predeek, Jan Smulovitz, and leaders John and Jan Jacobsen.

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