Midnight Lake

January 4, 1987

Thirteen skiers left Eugene at a civilized 9:15 am and were ready to ski off from the Gold Lake parking lot at 11, The day was sunny, crisp and there were new snow conditions. From here on there are two versions: (1) Because we were one over the Wilderness limit, we split up. A fast group of four (led by Dallas and Dave) forged ahead and went past Midnight Lake, on the Crest Trail, about two miles to a nameless lake. There they lunched (with another group), completed the loop, and rejoined the main group near the Pengra Pass Road. The larger, slower group, went up the south side of the loop, lunched at Midnight Lake, and then completed the loop. Three of us wandered up the Crest Trail first for exercise before returning.

Version 2 is functionally the same but with different motives. Elusive Midnight Lake escaped the faster, advanced party although they thought they had found it. The main party and leader deduced what had happened but three people continued on the Crest Trail just in case — but saw no one. Obsidians were, in fact, scattered all over the area … a fine example of the laissez-faire school of trip leading!

All gathered together in the parking lot and were on the road home before 3 p.m. Obsidian historians must decide which of the above goes in the archives. “Scattered skiers” were Peter Boag, Dallas and John Cole, Corinne Hunt, Vi Johnson, Sandra Larsen, Dot Leland, Dennis Lueck, Royal Murdock, Anne Montgomery, Dave Predeek, Ann Strother, and Ed Lichtenstein (leader).

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