Larison Creek

December 5, 1987

Although clouds hid the sun all day, only enough moisture fell to coat logs and leaves with a glassy sheen, without wetting hikers. After an hour and a half of good exercise, just as watches and appetites announced lunch time, we arrived at a large mossy boulder where the noisy creek competed with conversation. After lunch and a short walk further up the trail, we turned back for the return hike. On the lower portion of the trail, we made aside trip onto the side arm of the reservoir, exposed due to the low water level, to inspect mysterious tall poles and fire rings erected by campers (?), Scouts (?), hunters (?). Further along the trail we encountered another mystery: a friendly golden retriever met us and consented to accompany us back to the parking lot. Her family was nowhere to be seen, but a note on my windshield solved the mystery. Sarah’s family had missed her and were looking for her. The children were waiting at their trailer in Packard Creek Campground, and we took Sarah there for a gratifying reunion. Saturday was a day of small satisfactions: nature’s sights and sounds, good conversation and companionship, a touch of mystery and a good deed shared by Mary Millman, Pat Shaw, and Velma Shirk (leader).

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