Mt. Pisgah

November 22, 1987

Leader had warned on sign-up sheet that she was a rain-sissy, and the trip would be cancelled if more than a drizzle. Forecast was 70% for showers, but weather looking promising when we left S.E.H.S. at 10:00. Luck held as we climbed the main trail to summit, but windy and cold on top, so rather than tarry more than a few minutes to view the more-clear-than-winter-usual 360° views, we hiked down by way of south power lines. Next was visit to turtle pond, where one turtle was visible. Also saw reunion of two lost children with their parents and younger sibling. Luck ran out as we planned to continue on more trails in the vicinity, when sprinkling started and we quickly hiked to the Quonset hut shelter to a late lunch, accompanied by the rhythm of several showers on the metal roof. Again a lull in showers for a brief trip to the Arboretum Headquarters, and then a return home earlier than planned for Kerrie Bishop, Bernie Claypool, Bob Devine, and Bonnie Ledford (leader).

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