Vivian Lake

October 31-November 1, 1987

Because the leader decided to change from a day hike to au overnight backpack trip, and because of the fine weather, a decision was made to go to Vivian Lake, camp, and hike over to Hemlock Butte. We left Salt Creek C.G. by 9:30, taking the old way up the mountain, not knowing of the new way. We had to cross a swollen stream, but did not get wet. It was a beautiful day with no rain or snow, just blue skies and greenery. It was a good hike up to Vivian Lake, getting there at 11:30. Vivian lake was quite low; a lake half a mile up from there was full, and up over the ridge Kate Lake was almost empty. It’s funny, but there was water — even though it was so dry — and I had been told to take water as there was none on the trail! Diamond Peak was in full view and beautiful. We arrived at Hemlock Butte at 3:30 with a beautiful scent of cinnamon just before getting there. It was getting late so we didn’t stay long, getting back to camp just before dark. We awoke Sunday with snow greeting us. Folding up camp quickly, we set off down the mountain. We decided to go the new trail, and didn’t have to cross swollen Diamond Creek; we used the new cement bridge, which took us to Diamond Creek Falls Overlook and the trail to the foot of Diamond Creek Falls. The new trail is 1¼ miles long and is beautiful. All in all it was a wonderful winter overnighter. Salt Creek C.G. will be only a picnic ground now, but a new parking lot is being relocated on the other side of the creek. Be sure to take time to hike this beautiful new trail; it is well worth your time. Vivian Lake backpackers were Bob Foster and Rebecca Hansen (leader).

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