Lawler Trail

October 24, 1987

The party of six met the leader at the Lowell Ranger Station and taking two cars we drove on up Highway 58 for about 12 miles to the Patterson Mtn. Road, No. 5840, then up this road for a short distance to Road 531 where we turned left. After driving for two miles on this road to Road 535, we made a right-hand turn and drove 1½ miles to its end where we left a car at the new trailhead. All members of the party climbed into my pickup and we went back to the Patterson Mtn. Road. We drove on this road to the top of the ridge, turned left onto Road 1714, an Umpqua National Forest Road, around the south side of Patterson Mtn. At the east end we junctioned with Road 5847 then drove a short distance to Road 555. About ¼ of a mile up this road is the trailhead for the Lone Wolf Trail. We left the car here and hiked about a mile to the junction with the Lawler Trail. We were on newly constructed trail for a short distance. Then, after starting down the Lawler Trail, we were on trail which was reconstructed — part of it last year and the balance this year. It has an easy grade all the way with three road crossings, four clear cuts to pass which provide views, two natural rocky viewpoints, and two or more rocky outcroppings to admire. A number of years ago some of us hunted up the old trail and found it to be very steep and very difficult to follow. We scheduled an Obsidian hike down it and those who were along on that trip will remember it as being difficult. Steepness affected knees, obscure trail tread caused us to lose it in several places, all of which made it a long, hard trip. This time it was a pleasant trip, and, I hope others will seek it out and enjoy its many points of interest. Those enjoying the day were Gladys Grancorvitz, Dorothy Hoppe, Mary Millman, Bryant Mitchell, Heidi Wagner, Eleanor Wilkerson and Helen Smith (leader).

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