Kentucky Falls

October 17, 1987

We had an excellent Fall day with temperatures in the low 70s. Fall colors were not as noticeable as 1986 and the falls’ water flow was only a fraction of last year’s. But it was still a worthwhile trip. The trail to Kentucky Falls was in good condition; at some time in the future a couple of places along the trail may need a guard rail. We had lunch on top of Roman Nose. Due to a mistake by the leader we lost about 30 minutes — this put lunch time at around 1 p.m. The view was good as it always is. The sky was hazy, thus not allowing a clear view of the eastern mountains and Pacific Ocean. The nearby Coast Range mountain view was good and clear for Glenn Aplin, Jody Fairchild, Carrie McClish, Betty Metzler, Helen Lynch, Rich and Dixie Minkler, Robbi Packard, Ethel Steussy, Frank and Ruth Sumich, Shan Titus, Don Sullivan, Marion Walter, Nancie Fadeley and Ted Briles (leader).

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