Yoran Lake

October 4, 1987

What was proposed as a typical in-and-out-on-the-same-trail hike turned into a loop for some of the 14 hikers on a beautiful October Sunday. We all started at the west end of Odell Lake. One group followed the Yoran Lake Trail to Yoran Lake via “Disappointment” Lake. (It is so named because you’re disappointed that you’re not at Yoran Lake.) The other group went a little north from the cars and followed the Pacific Crest Trail to a moderate sized lake dubbed Richard’s Lake, in his honor. From there they came cross-country to “Disappointment” Lake and then to Yoran Lake.

We enjoyed lunch together with view of Mt. Yoran and Diamond Peak. Lee went for a swim and a few folks checked the scenery and surroundings, including the bleached bones of a deer.

We regrouped for the return trip, some choosing the Yoran Lake Trail and others electing another cross-country trip back to the Pacific Crest Trail. All went well and the groups converged at the cars to return to Eugene.

Reddish huckleberries provided a reminder of autumn a contrast to the suprisingly green woods. Hikers were Doris Allen, Jerry Crosby, Emmy Dale, Rosa Durheimer, Barb Elsen, Bert Ewing, Bob Foster, Lee Hatch, Vi Johnson, Sharon Ritchie, Richard Sundt, Zudegi Tala, Eleanor Wilkerson, and leader, Mary Fulton.

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