The Twins

September 23, 1987

The twins rise to the east of Waldo Lake and provide a 360° view of the surrounding country. On this day it was a smoky view due to forest fires. In fact we watched tankers dump flame retardant on the newest fire in the Rigdon Lakes area. All eleven of us managed to find a seat on the small rocky top of the higher Twin, elevation 7,342 feet, which we shared with a jillion lady bugs. From there we walked to the north Twin, then descended through the Jackpine woods to the trailhead beside the Waldo Lake highway. It was a pleasant warm day and a most congenial group. Six and a half miles by trail and 140 miles by car.

Twins hikers were Carol Albaum, Dale Carlson, Helen Lynch, Mary Millman, Wilma Moore, Virginia Prouty, Sharon Ritchie, Velma Shirk, Paula Vehrs, Maureen Willison, and leader Margaret Wiese.

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