Rigdon Lakes

September 16, 1987

For our trip to Rigdon Lakes we had five members and three nonmembers. This was the second time that I had taken a group there and since we had total rain last year, it was heart-warming to have a couple of hikers who would give it (or me) another try. Fortunately, this year our weather was just perfect — cool and crisp, bright and beautiful. It will be impossible to improve on that another time.

The trip went smoothly — all cars arrived at the trailhead at the same time and the group stayed together walking at a comfortable pace. We had some interesting conversations along the way, discussing some unique ideas as to how life should be lived. Even tho you go to the same location again and again, every trip is different and seems to acquire a personality of its own from the people participating.

The following hikers made it a delightful day: Judy Fore]], Carrie McClish, Mary Millman, Virginia Prouty, Vicki Roloff, Richard Sundt and Ellen Weaver with Lois Morse leading.

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