Table Lake

September 5-7, 1987

At the listed departure time we had two no shows and one cancellation, so two of us started for our three day trip to Table Lake and the Jefferson Wilderness. About four miles up the trail one no show caught up to us and we made it to Table Lake in early afternoon. We spent the rest of the day and night at the lake under clear skies and warm weather. There was a forest fire at Cabot Lake about 5 miles away that gave us some concern, but turned out to be no threat.

Started mid-morning for Shale Lake cross-country Sunday and spent the afternoon there with only two other campers in the area. They soon left with their horse and the large buck they had just shot. Spent the night with a full moon and very warm temperature.

Hiking to the cars and home early evening were Betty Macy, Don Orton, and Lee Hatch, leader.

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