Jeff Park

August 29, 1987

Saturday, August 29th, was a perfect day to hike into Jeff Park. Everyone reached Jeff Park on or before 12:30 p.m. and soaked, waded or swam in Scout Lake while looking up at Mt. Jefferson. Six of us hiked over to Russell Lake where normally there is a huge field of wildflowers and a wide open view of Mt. Jefferson — except for a few Indian Paintbrush or a Mt. Aster, the field was bare. Four of us hiked to Park Lake where a horse group were swimming, and at Rock Lake I got a nice photo of Mt. Jefferson reflected in the Lake. Henrietta, Ardys, Anne and Virginia swam in Bays Lake while I walked part way around Bays Lake admiring the views of Mt. Jefferson from various inlets.

We all met back at Scout Lake and hiked out about 2:50 p.m., enjoying the grayish glacial creek we crossed twice, the blue-black huckleberries, and a quarter mile stretch of trail where open views of streams tumbling down Mt. Jefferson and an occasional avalance were easily visible.

We all stopped at Marion Forks Restaurant and ate supper of soup, Jo-Jos, coffee, ice water in special red pitchers, etc. Eleven of us were Obsidians. The 12 who went included Anne Montgomery, Ruth and Wayne Lill, Hal Busby and Lindsay Pierce, Karen Seidel, Suzanne Steussy, Henrietta Richmond, Virginia Prouty, Ardys Ringsdorf, Bob Weigel and the trip leader, Bob Foster.

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