Mt. Scott

August 22-23, 1987

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and we left SEHS at 0900. The weatherman had predicted thunderstorms for Saturday and Sunday in our camping area. We arrived at Lake West, our base camp, under overcast skies in the early afternoon. We hiked back to Boundary Springs. It was a perfect day for hiking, weatherwise. We found four major springs — the source of the headwaters of the Rogue River. We spent a couple of hours exploring and relaxing in this idyllic setting. Dee Bray joined us at Boundary Springs. In route back to camp we enjoyed the antics of the water ouzels. During our dinner hour, the weatherman’s forecast came true. Rain dampened the forest and the camping area, but not our spirits! When the rain let up, we spent a lovely evening around the campfire. However, after we were all snuggled comfy in our bags, a thunder, lightning and rain storm startled us out of our sleep. We found out later the storm had started three forest fires in the area.

We awoke Sunday morning to clearing skies. After breakfast we headed for Mt. Scott, the highest point in Crater Lake National Park. Our usual panoramic view was somewhat hazy as a result of these fires. However, we agreed during lunch at the top, that this was a wonderful trip and we wished more Obsidians could have been there to share it with us. After leaving Mt. Scott, we continued driving around the rim of Crater Lake. We had a super finale for our trip when we spotted a black bear about a mile from Park Headquarters. He was so busy stuffing berries he paid little heed to us and we were able to observe him for quite some time. Oregon skies, full of surprises, had one more shot at us on our way out of the park — dropping an inch of hail to cover the highway. A wonderful time was had by Dee Bray, Barb Elsen, and Ann Montgomery. Leaders were Harlo and Marty Perrin.

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