Horse Pasture Mtn.

August 9, 1987

Horse Pasture Mountain has excellent, unimpeded views of the Cascades, from Diamond Peak to Mt. Hood. On Sunday, August 9, 1987, a group of hikers enjoyed excellent weather, permitting the mountain to unfold all its scenery. We used the Olallie Trailhead (off Forest Road 1993, reached by Horse Creek Road, which leaves Rte. 126 at McKenzie Bridge), but used a car shuttle, leaving the second car at Horse Pasture Saddle. This shortened the trip by over 4 miles and permitted most of the hike to be uphill. The views and cool breezes at the top sore than compensated for the strenuousness of the hike, enjoyed by Melind Bruce, Richie Fizsman, Lewis Forsythe, Mae Jackson, Maud Klotz, Don Sullivan, Shaw Titus and Jerry Casby (leader).

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