Yapoah Crater

July 18, 1987

It rained all day July 18! But, because three people were “gung-ho” enough, the hike went as scheduled. We had a snack at North and South Matthieu Lakes, partly out of the wind and rain, and braved the windy gusts all the way to the base of Yapoah Crater. Bob Weigel led the assault of Yapoah Crater, going straight up and I followed 10 minutes behind through 3-6" of fresh snow. At the top hail blew into our faces, so we quickly retreated. We could see 100 yards beyond the base of Yapoah Crater, but the high Cascades were completely obscured. We met two backpackers hiking out who had endured a blizzard above Green Lakes. We all made it back to the cars with wet pants, shirts and gloves, but quickly warmed up in the car. I enjoyed a bowl of soup at the Village Cafe, and the others had pie (including a new type: Red-Black & Blue). The four hikers who braved the rain, wind and snow were Ted Briles, Bob Weigel, Karen Tichenor, and leader Bob Foster.

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