Iron Mountain

July 4, 1987

“The wind doth blow, we shall have snow” (almost). On July 4? Yes. The group started up in sunlight, which held most of the time until we got to the top. There were many late-season flowers in bloom due to the hot, dry weather earlier. Many of these flowers we had not seen in previous years, so this aspect of the trail was somewhat new to us. The flowers we came to see (Penstemons, naturally) were past. As we arrived at the top, the wind started, a cold wind, so we found protected spots and ate lunch. Fog all around, nothing beyond the mountain and even some of the mountain was not visible. Soon the fog began to drip, so we started down. It alternately fogged on us, or rained lightly until we got to the cars. We stopped at Fish Lake (it’s green this year and the fish are having trouble swimming), Sahalie Falls (only one fall), and Koosah Falls (at last, a good waterfall). Then on home through several rains, one of which, just before we got to it, had put down enough water that it did not all run off so there were big puddles. We splashed through them on the highway. Actually, a beautiful trip, the only problem being that our hands were too cold to take photographs. Shiverers included: Vernon Barkhurst, Marna and Tom Cawi, Karen and Paul Cohen, Jim Lynch, Charlotte and Don Nordling, Mildred Wilson, Don Sullivan, Jane Thurgood, and leaders Kenneth and Robin Lodewick.

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