Deerhorn Rd. Bike Ride

June 14, 1987

By (unknowingly) scheduling a bike ride on the same day as the very popular BY GULLY BROWNSVILLE BIKE RIDE, the U. of O. graduation ceremonies, and for what turned out to be the final game of the Laker-Celtic championship series — it was a wonder than anyone showed up for this ride. But she did. The ride started in a beautiful setting — Hendricks Bridge Wayside — and traveled eastward along the south bank of the McKenzie River on Deerhorn Road. Lightly trafficked, the road passes through an area that abounds in lush growths of a variety of trees. This, coupled with a dense undergrowth of bush and ferns obscuring babbling rivulets makes for sights, sounds and aromas that are best appreciated either walking or on a slow moving bike. The endpoint of the ride was Leaburg, mostly over a peaceful byway named Holden Creek Lane. Returning, a lunch break was taken at Deerhorn Park — sitting on the south bank of the fast flowing McKenzie River. The final ten miles were, in great part, along the gravel cluttered, skinny shoulder of Highway 126. It’s a little like sharing the track at the Indy 500, and has been known to frazzle the nerves of otherwise intrepid cyclers. Sharing the ride and the beautiful weather were Norma Lockyear and leader Bob Devine.

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