Erma Bell Lakes

June 14, 1987

Ten hikers and fearless leader Harlo Perrin, who was recuperating from a knee injury, left the S.E.H.S. park blocks at 8:05 on a bright and clear Sunday morning. Out of Westfir another hiker caught up with us so there were an even dozen of us when we arrived at the Skookum Creek Campground. After seeing us off at the trailhead, Harlo went to his banana lounge to rest his injured knee as we took off down the trail. Our first stop was at Lower Erma Bell Lake where we met a Ranger. She told us the mosquitos had, that very day, come out in full force. Our welcoming committee! We handled the situation by liberal, periodic applications of repellant. After visiting a waterfall and Middle Erma Bell, we proceeded on to Upper Erma, where we were greeted by a cool, shady area for our lunch. We were entertained periodically by little fish jumping for flies. On our way back it was quite hot and the water bottles were most welcome. We arrived back at the campground at about 2 o’clock. Two car-loads decided to go home via Hwy. 126. (Could “Mom’s Pies” have been a deciding factor?) Members attending were Harlo and Marty Perrin, Sharon Ritchie, Helen Fisher, Shirley Driver and Gladys Grancorvitz; non-members were Don Sullivan, Lorie and Dick Shapiro, Carol Witcher, Larry Dunn, and Carmel Decrals.

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