Tire Mtn.

June 6, 1987

Three cars met the leader at the Lowell Ranger Station and after picking her up drove on up Highway 58 to Westfir, then up the North Fork of the Willamette to Road 1910, and up this road to Windy Pass. A left hand turn in a very short distance took us to the Alpine trailhead where we started our hike of one mile to the junction with the Tire Mtn. Trail and the 3½ miles to the top of Tire Mtn. Along the Alpine Trail three meadows are crossed where wildflowers were blooming in profusion and a view of Oakridge, the High Prairie, Hills Creek Dam, Diamond Peak, and the Sisters were enjoyed. The mountain peaks were a little obscured by clouds; however, coming back the view of the Sisters was no good because of smoke from slash burning. Along the Tire Mountain Trail more meadows are crossed where flowers were in full bloom. It was a pleasant, sunny day and an enjoyable trip for Glen Aplin, Ted Briles, Judy Forell, Gladys Grancorvitz, Gary Kirk, Mardi Klotz, Susannah Malool, Linda Wells and Helen Smith (leader).

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