Waldo Mountain

May 31, 1987

Conditions: rain, snow, and yes, a moment of sun. This trip had it all. We hiked fairly quickly up the mountain, as the snow fell gently, giving the woods a feeling of quiet like winter’s first snowfall. Here the leaves of the rhododendron were crowned with white rather than the pink blossoms so vividly on display in a recovering clear cut near the trailhead. Higher up, snow covered the bear grass, giving it a lighter green color than usual. Some of the hikers remembered last year’s trip, taken about the same time of year, but with bright sunshine and crowds of shooting stars, which we sorely missed this year. Last year, we found drifts of snow in the trail for the final quarter mile or so before the lookout. Since we had two weeks of such warm weather early this spring, I didn’t expect those drifts this year, but there they were. Lunch was a hurried affair in the lee side of the lookout, with no view but the falling snow. For the trip down, we circled around to Waldo Meadow and into Upper Salmon Lake. The trail out from the lake is flat (!), flanked by plants and trees other than the Douglas fir we are so used to, and longer than one thinks. This bit of winter in late spring was enjoyed by: Doris Allen, Glenn Aplin, Richard Dewey, Judith Engle, Lee Hatch, Vi Johnson, Dave Predeek, Sharon Ritchie, Allan Sorenson and leader Mary Fulton.

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